Frequently Asked Questions

What products can be traded on LGI TWS trading platform?
Commodities like Gold, Silver , crude oil. A complete list is located on the Specifications page. click Here

What are the commissions charged by LGI?
We charge low commission that differs with the contract size and commodities. click here

What is a "CFD"?
A "Contract for Difference". It is an efficient means to enjoy the economic results from commodities trading without actually buying or selling on the exchange.

What are the trading hours for each product?
Commodities are traded 24 hours a day. For details on all products. click here

How do I open a free demo account?
Click here and follow the instructions. Demo accounts are good for at least 15 days.

How do I open a Live account?
Click here and follow the instructions.

Is LGI licensed as a broker?
Yes.  LGI is authorized for trading commodity-based derivatives of Mercantile Exchange.
How do I withdraw funds from my account?
The fund withdraw can be processed from within the trading software  and the execution is performed within the working hours.
What are the account opening minimums?
Actually the fund requirements are based on the commodities and its size the trader want to trade in, and  now  we have a MINI ACCOUNT  for more details click here

How do I add funds from my account?
The funds  in the trading account are added through internet banking via our banking partners Laxmi Bank and Bank Of Kathmandu. For more details click here


How do I know my funds are safe once I make a deposit with LGI?
LGI maintain a segregated or trading account in either our banking partners onto which the traders fund are transferred and such accounts provide the interest rates also. For more details click here

What does LGI offer that other online brokers do not?
LGI offers a qualitative approach in the client development with  free and convenient access to its resources and training program. Live 24 hour support accounts our responsibility towards the clients’ equity which is our primary goal. On top of that LGI offers low commission charge which is our another competitive advantage over other brokers in the market. Besides that, the company offers a bonus scheme for the instant clients. For more details (click here)

What if I have questions, trade disputes, or complaints?
LGI has a 24 hour live support that always stands alongside within the reach of the customers via mobile access and live chats So the clients can remain intact all the time for their queries and other compliances.

How can I get training or background information on the commodity markets?
please see laxmigold site.

What are the margin requirements?
It is the total amount required to the traders to take a position on the concerned commodity. It is also known as the security deposits in our trading TWS. Please see the specifications page for lot sizes and other details.

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